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What girls fall in love


Young people told us. why some girls they run in droves. but others do not notice at all.

If you ask young people. why they crowds running for one girl and not notice the other. then they will answer in chorus about the following: “one kind of zest. and second to none!” it Remains only to understand. what men call the ” raisins”… Basil Ryabkov decided to become an expert on the dried fruit.

We smell her from afar

Raisins — that elusive competitive advantage. Where the highlight in a woman hiding? How to nurture? Would know exactly — would have opened courses on the raisins-building. Rather. it’s something innate. as eye color. Then it is theoretically possible somewhere to find suitable contact of the highlights or highlights-implants?

The complexity is. what. assessing the presence/absence of highlights. men are becoming like women — no specifics and facts. some emotions. “It is. I feel” — and that’s it! A lot of sleepless nights I spent. going through this virtual dried grapes. trying to classify. Communicated with happy husbands many years of exposure. With connoisseurs and lovers of female society. With honored soldiers of gender fronts. whose phones emoticons and smacking. and heart for self-preservation is covered in scales… And all I talked about different things. For someone the highlight was the fact. they jumped together with bungee. For someone — she taught him to say ” meow” on‑Japanese ( sounds like ” AE”). For someone — that during sex she always threw the panties on the chandelier. and they stayed there hanging. Sometimes there were such things: the highlight is. she smiles at me. Or in fact. she occasionally twitches his ear. when thinking. Or even. she loves cherry juice! But it’s at least some examples. most of it was unintelligible: “it. brother. is such a thing. what words not to explain…” I Put in a monolingual dictionary. it was written ” highlight — Perrin. original charm”. Yeah. briefly. clear and… on‑still unclear and vague.

Can detonate

I as a consumer it is obvious highlights. what is this phenomenon in two parts. One piece — it. actually. the highlight of the second — it’s a blast. which it produces within the individual male head. That is, in one head can detonate. and another — no. So don’t flatter yourself. girls. not everything depends on you.

Highlight — it’s something strange or even wild. The habit of singing in the bath. red jeans. medal for the victory in a dog-sled race… But. as is well known. the Baker Filippov once ate a cockroach. trying to convince the Royal lady. that loaf was baked raisin. And it worked! So in life there: look — highlight. See through — a cockroach.

Porcelain cat Bastet. she’s the goddess of love. who goes out of her purse and placed it on the table in any cafe, — it. perhaps. zest. But the 18 cats. living the girl house, — it hardly. The habit to lose and forget something like gloves. can be offset as a nice feature. But if you regularly back then. because ” it seems. forgot something”, most men will say. what do you have cockroaches in my head. The transition of quantity into quality. Too many raisins — this is not the raisins. Too much zest… Better to let is not raskushena.

The balance is difficult to grasp. Because if the highlight is too small. it is actually not. For one — if a girl runs her finger across his lips. this Oh-Ho-Ho what a twist. And another. even if you are a fist in the mouth stick. will not have emotions. In this particular men’s head can be completely atrophied areas of the brain. perceiving your grade raisins. One recipe — watch the reaction! Whatever you were doing. even the most ordinary things. if he smiles at this and asks to repeat — most likely. here it is. your twist.

Men mistaken for a raisin nuances. which you don’t like! Here. for example. you’re always in the process of eating a couple of times something drop on the floor and mad at myself for awkwardness. And your admirer you seem at this moment so sweet and defenseless. such a touching. And he’s willing to spend hours to look at it. like you. like the frog-Princess. sow from left sleeve pieces of bread. and from the right — not conveyed to the mouth sushi. Absolutely normal people, in principle, does not happen. Therefore. any girl is sure to have. let in stealth and its infancy. one or two of the highlights. and a pound of raisins. Recognize. where they hid!

Suddenly getting married?

This inability to distinguish the flavor from the cockroach makes you cautious. “Suddenly I’m getting married. and she has a lot of oddities?” — he thinks. “It just all like, ” she thinks. — And me every day at Breakfast to see — and disappointed”. And keep your distance… Err unpleasant. But until you try raisins ( cockroach), ‘t recognize. how sweet it is ( nasty). The stamp in your passport gives you unlimited possibilities of knowledge!

My friend kept saying don’t get married. mad she is! “that’s the beauty of it, — he said proudly. — Irka. when going to write an article or lunch to cook. she shifts her hand and shouts: “Didine!“ as a bell. To me this is her “didine!“ even dreamed of!” We nodded and drank beer. And he went and got married. “not only is She mad, — told over again in a year — but at the same time very weak. Doing everything quickly. but burns out. tired and then can lie as dead. Will aleida. gain strength — and again: “Didine!”

We thought. it will take a year and it ’ s didine!” will start to irritate. It’s been five. Does not irritate. on the contrary. very good. And we. as fools. all look close: “the Highlight or cockroach?”


If you someone found the highlight. don’t tell him its recipe!

DENIS ( 25): “I Met with Svetlana corny — in the bus. I was hooked by her look. Not even a glance. but… it is a manner of opinion. It was funny frowned. squeezing sponges a bow. face straightened out and her already large eyes became huge. like Japanese anime. Touching — no words! Invited to go drink coffee. Not denied. Began Dating. Enjoy all the candy-bouquet period, and move in the direction of a bright future. And I have this her way of looking at‑specific just brings to mind. Head climbs nonsense about ” bottomless pools of eyes”. And once she admitted. when she’s here and so his face is doing. I’m losing my mind. what I fell in love with this face and… Was about to blurt out. what I want to see those eyes in front of him always. and was about the proposal to do. “I ’ he says, ” problems with digestion. — When you eat more. than you need to. immediately rolls up to the throat, and if not contained. you can kinoti”. And she learned these voltage impulses of the muscles of the face to keep. Because of this and her face in these moments such a mysterious… I don’t know. why. but I got sick offer to do. We have a couple of times then met as a sluggish — and all. And now when I to the movies or see in advertising beauties with big eyes and slightly furrowed brow. what do you think. what my Association. And if it’s about their internal processes are not told? I’m for a serious relationship was ready!”

No sex

Highlight — this is the equivalent of sexepil? My friend I am sure. what not!

SERGEY ( 28): “Marina at First I didn’t notice. She was generally no. Everything is clean-tidy and simultaneously does: turtleneck. jeans. Actually by sex!

It was a “ home” party. no dress code. but the girls. of course. dressed up — beads-earrings. And she. represent. holes in the ears. and earrings are not there! We sit with the guys on the sidelines and talk about airsoft guns. One shares the problem: bought a new machine. and it does not work. And Marina casually drops: “you Have a gearbox go? Fix will be thousand and three. no less. But the Chinese drives suck. spend better on a good unit”. Smiling at us and leaves. And that’s all! From that moment I was only thinking about her. Wound up with a half-turn! She’s even wearing makeup was. hair back in a ponytail. And when she said, “a little stuffy. go in the building to leave” — I just ran after her. I flew… Goes. its peculiarity is. she spits on all of the traditional attributes of sexuality. She is sexy. because not sexual. I am very comfortable with her. In all senses”.

Comparative table of raisins and cockroaches